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10 Common Computer Problems

10 Common Computer Problems

Your Computer won't turn on How to Solved

Slow performance: Computers can become slow due to several reasons such as outdated software insufficient RAM or a hard disk that is almost full.

Viruses and malware: Malicious software can slow down your computer or cause data loss.

Internet connectivity issues: Problems with your internet connection can cause a wide range of issues including slow browsing and inability to connect
to websites.

Software compatibility issues: Sometimes new software can conflict with other software on your computer causing it to crash or malfunction.

Startup problems: Sometimes computers can fail to start up, and this can be caused by issues with the hard drive power supply or other hardware                                               components.

Blue screen of death (BSOD): A BSOD error can occur due to hardware or software issues and it can be caused by a variety of factors.

Hardware failure: Components such as hard drives power supplies and graphics cards can fail over time causing issues with your computer.

Overheating: If your computer overheats it can cause performance issues or even shut down.

Data loss: Data can be lost due to accidental deletion hardware failure or software corruption.

Driver problems: If your hardware drivers are outdated or corrupted your computer may not function properly.

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